Sustainability Report

Our company’s culture, performance, mission, values have been developed over many shipping cycles since 1958, when my family invested in shipping for the first time. We understood very quickly the importance of holistic development which includes not only the business aspects, i.e. shipping investments, financial performance, reliability, etc. but also their impact on our personnel, on our society, on the environment where we all live. A compass for our business all these years has been the provision of outstanding services to our clients, through the quality of our vessels and our operational excellence.

This tradition of excellence has been the cornerstone of the environmental and social governance policies of Safe Bulkers Inc. to which we adhere today, in our effort to build a sustainable, resilient and responsible company. Our industry’s regulatory environment is becoming exponentially complex and includes regulations of the United States of America, the European Union the United Nations’ International Maritime Organization and others. In the foreseeable future, we expect the trend of increasing regulatory compliance complexity to continue. The focus of such regulations is shifted to address one of the biggest threats that the humanity has to face, i.e. climate change and the importance to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Our company, through selective actions managed to promote its social footprint, develop its personnel, assist local societies, undertook environmental investments to early adopt the IMO ballast water convention, or to invest in exhaust gas cleaning devices for sulphur oxide emissions and continues to take actions for reduction of greenhouse gas emissions footprint through new investments in the most energy efficient newbulids or improvements on existing fleet. With these thoughts, I proudly present our 2020 Environment, Social and Governance report, which provides information about our actions and sustainability performance.


Polys V. Hajioannou