Arrests for Drugs

Adelaide March 31, 2022: Australian authorities led by Australian Federal Police, (“AFP”), have arrested today, March 31, 2022, four Philippino nationals, crew members of MV Kypros Bravery, (the “Vessel”) charged with importation of border-controlled drugs, targeting transnational organized crime. 

Safe Bulkers Inc. owner of the Vessel takes this matter very seriously and is grateful to the AFP, Australian Border Force, Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission, South Australia Police and the Department of Home Affairs of Australia, for identifying this abuse of its transportation services. Full cooperation was provided for this investigation including access to the vessel and crew and any other information requested by the authorities. 

The Australian authorities cleared the Vessel to continue her operation. The Vessel has sailed from Adelaide today transporting her cargo of animal feed barley to her destination.  

Safe Bulkers Inc. is committed to working with authorities worldwide to improve the security of the international supply chain and ensure that illegal practices are promptly and thoroughly dealt with, by the relevant authorities.